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Victor Reznov – COD:M Character profile

Viktor Reznov is a fictional character in the Call of Duty franchise, first appearing in the game Call of Duty: World at War. He is a Russian soldier who fought during World War II and is known for his intense hatred of the German army and his desire for revenge.

Reznov's background is revealed throughout the game's story mode, where he is portrayed as a close friend of the game's main protagonist, Dimitri Petrenko. The two of them fought together in the Red Army during the Battle of Stalingrad, where they were captured and sent to a German prison camp. Reznov was able to escape, but Petrenko was left behind and thought to be dead.

Reznov later joins the player's squad as a playable character and is featured in multiple missions throughout the campaign. He is a skilled and experienced soldier, and his knowledge and leadership skills are instrumental in the squad's success. Reznov is also known for his ruthless and uncompromising attitude towards the enemy, and he will stop at nothing to achieve victory.

Reznov's hatred for the German army is personal and stems from the death of his family, who were brutally murdered by the Germans during the invasion of his hometown. This fuels his desire for revenge and drives him to take part in various operations and missions aimed at destroying the enemy.

Reznov's character is also featured in the game's multiplayer mode, where he is a playable character with unique abilities. His image is used in various in-game items and perks, such as calling cards, emblems, and weapon skins. His voice and likeness were provided by actor Gary Oldman, who gave a powerful and emotive performance that helped to bring the character to life.

Reznov later appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops as the main protagonist's mentor, and his character is referenced in other Call of Duty games. Reznov's story is a prominent one in the franchise and his character is a fan favorite, his backstory and motivation for his actions, helped players to connect with the character and understand his actions. His powerful and intense personality and his relentless attitude towards the enemy has become a staple of the franchise and his legacy is still seen in future game

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