League of Try Hards Season 1

Triads Entertainment
23rd January 2023
₦15,000 every month
Prize Pool
Solo Battle Royale
Play Mode

About The Tournament

Point-based league where destroyers meet destroyers.

League of Try Hards is a point based COD:M BR League by Triads Entertainment.

View league rankings here: https://triads.ng/triads-league-standings/

Game: Call of Duty®️: Mobile

NOTE: This league will be classed in the future.

Start: 20th January 2023
End:18th February 2023

Details of the league

  • Rules:
    • Friday: Shotguns Only Match (Duo).
    • Saturdays: No Shotgun (Squad).
  • How to earn points:
    • Top 10 players score 10 – (position-1) points. For example, 10th position earns 1 point, while 1st position earns 10 points.
    • Each kill gives 1 point..
  • Conditions of eviction:
    • Going against rules deducts 5 points.
    • Cheating deducts all points and player is disqualified.
    • 2 times deduction  = Eviction from the league.
    • Late coming/not playing a match deducts 1 point.
  • How to register?
  • How to get updates?
    • Follow us on FB: https://fb.gg/triadsent
    • We will post the registration link on Facebook and on this website, so be sure to check often.
  • Match days: (Note that room ID and link will be sent at 9:00PM WAT)
    • Friday: Shotguns Only Match (Duo) starting 9:10PM WAT
    • Saturdays: No Shotgun (Squad) starting 9:10PM WAT