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The Call of Duty Mobile eSports Competition has come to an end.

This was a 10-day competition featuring some of NIGERIA’s coolest gamers. We had gamers from all walks of life here in Nigeria, and they all brought their best to the table. It was an exciting and unpredictable competition.

The first winner was DMX_IMMA202, who showcased exceptional skills on the battlefield. The second winner was TH_STEVE, who displayed flawless accuracy and a high level of sensitivity while playing and the third winner was TICTOK_BROKEN, who kept his cool even under pressure and managed to win despite being up against some tough competition

The winners showcased exceptional skills but what really makes them stand out is their passion for Call of Duty mobile esports gaming.

Here at TRIADS ENTERTAINMENT, we’re always excited to see our African gamers come together for a sports competition like this, and we’re so glad that our fans had as much fun watching it as we did hosting it. This was the first time we’d done an esports event like this in Nigeria, and it was amazing to see the community’s reaction.

We hope that you’ll come back for more next SEASON!

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